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Information system services

We offer our customers and partners a complete range of IS services to support them in their use of the French railway network. Understanding the network, capacity reservations, traffic management … Our offer is designed to favour exchanges and will simplify your procedures and help you to more efficiently manage your activity.

Core and tailor-made services

For all our customers, we provide access to the information systems that are necessary for the organisation of their railway activity. From a regulatory point of view, this access is governed by Article 13 of Directive no. 2012/34/UE dated 21 November 2012. Pursuant to this article, it is stipulated that we shall ensure, in our capacity as a railway infrastructure manager, “the provision of information regarding the running of trains on the network as well as any other information necessary for the implementation or operation of the railway service for which capacity was allocated.”

This necessary information is included in the “core” services provided by SNCF Réseau for railway operators and authorised candidates which order train paths.

The core services providing access to the IS services include the following:

  • access is granted to a maximum number of users as specified by SNCF Réseau on the basis of train path-km volume invoiced in the preceding year
  • training programmes on the use of the software and the data provided by the different information systems
  • documentation which at the very least includes a user manual, a technical guide or a training manual
  • a technical guide dedicated to solving problems related to the use of IS services

Moreover, our customers and partners may request additional services to meet their specific needs. In particular, this may involve user requests (logins), additional training or access to specific IS services. These services are invoiced on the basis of the rates published in Annex 10.4 of the DRR Reference Document.

Service quality monitoring and access/data security

We undertake to implement all necessary and available resources to comply with the defined information service quality levels related to the users of the French railway network.

To this end, we deploy our maintenance and assistance resources to ensure the reliable operation of the IS services.

The publication of monthly key performance indicators provides the users with information on the service quality levels of the different information systems

Customer Portal and Services

The Customer and Partner Portal is the single point of access to all IS services. It facilitates and centralises access to the different information systems and related data. In addition, it allows users to consult service and IS training programme catalogues and to interact with the dedicated service.

Screen shot of a page from the IS Service Portal of SNCF Réseau