SNCF Réseau – providing electrical energy for train traction

SNCF Réseau provides its customers with access to electric traction installations on all equipped national railway lines. In our capacity as a supplier of traction power, we are also able to provide our customers with the energy required to run their trains. The services and associated costs are listed in Chapters 5 and 6 of the DRR Reference Document.

Using electric traction installations

As part of our basic service to railway operators, we guarantee to our customers the use of electric transaction installations on equipped national railway lines. This includes access to power supply installations, transport and distribution of electricity as well as the transport of energy to locomotives.

These services are subject to a fee for the use of electric traction installations (RCE) and a fee for the transport and distribution of traction energy (RCTE).

Supplying traction power

French law allows railway operators to freely purchase traction power from the supplier of their choice, including from SNCF Réseau.

All railway operators may ask us to provide them with electric power for all their electric rolling stock. It should be noted that this is subject to a fee for the use of electric traction power (RFE).

Recording and remote metering of power consumption

Any electric train operating on the French railway network for the first time - or newly used by a railway operator - has been required since December 2006 to have a recording system to measure the quantity of electricity which is consumed. This system must be compatible with either SOCLE, the remote meter reading system of SNCF Réseau, or a GPS-based remote system of another European infrastructure manager.

The railway operator customer undertakes to declare all trains running in France, and to provide the name of the manager in charge of remote meter data collection and the transmission of data to SNCF Réseau. The provisions related to remote meter data collection are indicated in Chapter 5.3.2 of the DRR Reference Document. Provisions related to pricing are indicated in Chapter 6 of the same document.