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Performance Enhancement System

Following the adoption of a European requirement, which has been in force for one year, the Performance Enhancement System (SAP) is now part of the network management tools designed to improve the overall performance quality of the railway network. It is intended to benefit all stakeholders: all passenger and freight transport companies operating on the French railway network, the infrastructure manager and all passengers using the network.

A performance analysis tool

The Performance Enhancement System (SAP) provides the infrastructure manager and railway undertakings with a clear and easy-to-understand view of their performance. This performance is based on a ratio which expresses the number of lost minutes (over 5 minutes) per 100 train-kilometres travelled by the railway undertaking and invoiced by SNCF Réseau.

Performance results of each stakeholder (infrastructure manager and railway undertakings) are shared and analysed and are the object of a proactive policy to improve performance as all parties have already made a firm commitment in the form of concrete action plans to improve traffic flow performance on the railway network.

A still evolving network management tool

SAP is still being refined and some time will be required to reach the targeted level. However, in a short space of time it has already been the impetus behind an unprecedented dynamic by all the impacted stakeholders, all the way from short-line railway operators to senior management.

All members of the Committee which govern the Performance Enhancement System, equally representing the railway undertakings and infrastructure manager, and headed by an independent President appointed by DGITM, work together constructively with the shared aim of providing the best possible quality of service to the users of the French railway system.



The 2016 SAP Annual Report describes our continued project : modernizing the railway network and increasing its efficiency (in french).



The 2015 SAP Annual Report presents the mobilisation of our entire organisation to improve the railway network's performance (in french).




The 2014 SAP Annual Report reviews the first year of experimentation of this system (in french).


Detailed information about the Performance Enhancement System (SAP) is provided in Chapter 6.4 of the National Railway Network Statement (DRR).