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Drone commercial offer for SNCF group institutions and for companies

Created in March 2017, ALTAMETRIS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SNCF Réseau, is a engineering design company which provides services related to the processing and optimisation of data collected by automated mobile devices (in particular drones and robots).

There are many possible applications for the collected data: analysis of the present situation, creation of digital twins (virtual models) or even methods of predictive analysis in order to provide clients with recommendations. Our range of services is wide and is growing so as to meet new needs.

Drawing on its 3 years of experience in the Drone Expert Centre of SNCF Réseau, ALTAMETRIS provides innovative solutions, beyond the scope of the state-owned SNCF Group and outside of France, based on the security and quality requirements of industry clients.

ALTAMETRIS is the sole interface with its clients thanks to its wide-ranging expertise which allows it to manage aeronautical, railway and industrial requirements (as well as managing operations and third parties). Integration into the industrial environment is effectively managed to provide flawless upgrades and seamless continuity of the operations or activity. Captured data is provided in raw format or is optimised to integrate into the client’s process (3D digitization, smart data, predictive maintenance, etc.).

For more information on the commercial offer of ALTAMETRIS:

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