Customers and partners

Today and every day SNCF Réseau maintains very close commercial relationships with its customers and develops successful programmes with its partners. There is one common objective to these different relationships: to provide simple, quick and efficient access to the French National Railway Network for the benefit of all users.

Customer focus

At present SNCF Réseau is committed to meeting the needs of approximately forty active customers: 24 railway operators which operate on the 30,000 km of the French railway network and 15 authorised candidates (e.g. combined transport operators, ports) that order train paths which are then contracted out to the railway company of their choice.

SNCF Réseau attaches great importance to closely listening to its customers. Its customer service teams are available to support you every day of the week.  We assist railway operators and candidates in choosing the best offer by considering your needs and providing you with a customised solution. This will ensure that you are able to obtain train paths of the best quality possible.

Network Access Brochure - march 2018

Download the « Network Access Offers » Brochure (PDF : 2 mo)


SNCF Réseau - Network Access Offers (june 2017)


Download the « Freight Network Access » Brochure (PDF : 1,4 mo)


Freight Network Access Offer



Logos of the railways companies and authorized candidates operating on the national railway network


Ongoing exchanges with our partners

We work closely with several partners – both in France and Europe – on a range of railway-related issues:

  • Union of Public Railway Transport (UTP) is the professional organisation of public railway transport companies and infrastructure managers in France. SNCF Réseau has been a member since 2012. The cooperation between UTP and SNCF Réseau in 2014 resulted in the adoption of the « Code of Conduct for Operations Management » qui ont vocation à préfigurer les travaux du Comité des Opérateurs du Réseau et la Charte du Réseau.
  • National Association of Combined Transport (GNTC) is the professional association of operators and users of combined transport. It includes companies which use or provide rail-road and river-road combined transport.
  • RailNetEurope (RNE) represents the majority of railway infrastructure managers in the European Union countries (35 members) who work together to make cross-border traffic easier. SNCF Réseau has been a member since the creation of the association in 2004.