Publiée le 22/05/2018 - Mise à jour le 22/05/2018
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2017 Responsible Business Report

The second edition of SNCF Réseau's "responsible" business report provides a glimpse of the company's commitments in terms of sustainable development, thanks to the testimonials of key stakeholders and through emblematic achievements in 2017. The 2017 report also makes it possible to review the second and third issue of Green Bonds, and to better understand how funding is allocated to the structuring projects of tomorrow.

2017 Responsible Business Report - SNCF RéseauIn 2017, SNCF Réseau led an exceptional number of projects, more than 1,600, to modernize the network. Among the main ones, the commissioning of the centralised network control systems at Gare de Lyon and Saint-Denis, the inauguration of the T11 in Île-de-France (Tramway), without forgetting the new lines : Tours-Bordeaux (SEA), Le Mans-Rennes (BPL) and the bypass between Nîmes and Montpellier (CNM). This is good news for travelers, for the attractiveness of the territories and for the railway industry. SNCF Réseau's business also generated 2,900 new hires and an investment of € 5.4 billion in French regions and industry. Knowing that one million invested represents ten jobs in the railway sector. Finally, in 2017, the government announced its priority for a better optimization of our railway heritage. It is a major industrial challenge to improve the efficiency of the rail system. Re-discover all these "stories" of the network, and many others, in this report.