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Our vision

In today’s world there are many changes in technology, habits and mobility as well as many environmental and societal crises … In addition to the safety of transport, the issues faced by SNCF Réseau are evolving and growing increasingly complex. To meet these challenges, the French railway operator is basing its response on innovation and sustainable development.

 “Faced with the present changes in technology and habits, faced with the new mobility needs of all individuals, faced with increasing trade flows and faced with environmental and societal crises, SNCF Réseau is meeting these challenges in order to define the transport of the future. With a single priority: safety.

Serving the needs of one of the most environmentally friendly public transport systems, our mission is to ensure, develop and operate a reliable, highly effective and sustainable network. To meet this exacting demand, and through its Network Modernisation Plan, SNCF Réseau is innovating.

We include the preservation of resources and the protection of biodiversity as major criteria in our project design, we optimise the use of materials, work with our partners to develop recycling systems, provide transport solutions which reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and the emission of green house gases. SNCF Réseau is contributing its expertise to the development of the multimodal mobility solutions of the future.

In collaboration with firms and local government authorities, we are present at the heart of regional economic activity to whose development railway transport has contributed. We organise an ongoing dialogue with our local stakeholders. We are dedicating ourselves to serving French people in order to reduce distances and to increase regional equity.

As part of the SNCF Group, one of the leading employers in France with 250,000 staff worldwide, SNCF Réseau has 53,000 employees, ranging from train schedulers to engineers to network maintenance specialists. Providing access to employment, recruiting new employees, passing on our know-how and supporting career development, promoting diversity and fighting against discrimination, improving the quality of life at work are our daily priorities which are dedicated to maintaining the excellence of the French railway system.

At the heart of its mission and for the benefit of the 15,000 daily trains, 5 million passengers and 250,000 tonnes of freight transported every day, SNCF Réseau is elaborating the conditions for its sustainable modernisation.”