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Internal organisation

The Division of the Environment and Sustainable Development at SNCF Réseau defines the strategic commitments related to sustainable development. It has representatives in all Divisions of the company to implement approved policies and share best practices.

The Division of the Environment and Sustainable Development defines and implements the strategy and policies related to sustainable development. Its mission is to communicate them both internally and outside the company. This Division is therefore cross-functional and addresses all major issues, such as:

  • climate and the fight against climate change
  • limiting energy consumption related to SNCF Réseau’s activity (buildings, car fleet and works equipment, electricity for the network, etc.)
  • ecodesign of projects and materials for the development and renewal of the railway infrastructure
  • societal reporting which informs  stakeholders about how challenges related to sustainable development are being addressed and about the implementation of corrective solutions

The Division is supported by an Environment and Sustainable Development network (EDD) which helps to make the actions and commitments of SNCF Réseau a reality. EDD is made up of representatives from institutional functions, operational divisions and Territory Divisions.

Internally the Division of the Environment and Sustainable Development is supported by specific cross-corporate functions. The “Consultation, Project Communication and External Relations” department provides expertise and advice, while also leading and professionalizing the players involved in the consultation process (local government, companies, associations and citizens). As for the Legal Affairs Division, it ensures compliance with the company’s legal requirements for all the projects, including environmental requirements.

At an earlier stage, the Division of the Environment and Sustainable Development works with the Division of Sustainable Development of EPIC SNCF to monitor and apply the major policies adopted in relation to the sustainable development of the railway network. It also liaises with SNCF Real Estate in terms of following up the real estate management action plan of SNCF Réseau.

Exchanging and debating in order to protect the environment

The Division of the Environment and Sustainable Development is actively involved is several outside organisations. For example, it is a partner of the following:

  • CILB (Biodiversity and Linear Infrastructure Association) - includes linear infrastructure managers (railway transport, motorways and roads, energy and rivers). This organisation, whose founding members include SNCF Réseau, RTE, VNF, GRTgaz, TIGF and ERDF, support research projects to improve the protection of the environment in the management of linear networks.
  • FNE (France Nature Environment) - a federation which includes more than 3,000 associations dedicated to the conservation of the environment. This partnership, which started in 2009, was renewed in September 2013 with the following aims:
  • undertaking a joint analysis of the consideration given to and the improvement of biodiversity, both for the current real estate assets of SNCF Réseau and future investment plans
  • conducting forward-looking studies related to key issues in transport and sustainable urban development
  • undertaking a strategic study on possible uses of unused train lines in the French railway network
  • IHEDATE (Institute of Higher Studies for Development and Urban Development in Europe) – this organisation allows players involved in urban development to share their skills and resources in order to develop models of sustainable development. 

SNCF Réseau is also a member of the following:

  • Comité 21 - a network of players which promotes exchanges and partnerships between its members (from all business sectors) in order to jointly implement sustainable development in French regions.
  • Orée - an association founded in 1992 which includes a wide diversity of members: private companies, local government, professional and environmental associations, and academic and institutional organisations. The purpose of this association is to undertake a joint analysis of best environmental practices and to implement practical tools for the integrated management of the environment at a regional level.
  • C3D (Club of Sustainable Development Directors) - an association created in 2007 which brings together more than 100 directors of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (CSR) from private and state-owned organisations representing 2.5 million employees in France.
  • Club DD EEP (Sustainable Development Club of French State-Owned Companies and Organisations) - this club has been under the auspices of the Ministry of Sustainable Development since 2008. Its purpose is to organise and coordinate studies related to the implementation of a strategy of sustainable development by state-owned organisations. The Club’s work is based on existing methodologies (SD 21000, ISO 26000, French NRE law, future application decree related to societal reporting) and exemplary operations undertaken by some state-owned organisations and companies. 

The organisations above represent a wide range of players committed to the operational implementation of sustainable development.

Contact EDD

Bernard TORRIN

Director of the Environment and Sustainable Development

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